Carol Bambery has served on NRA's Board of Directors since 1998. Most of the NRA Board's work is handled in its committees, which cover everything from competitive shooting rules to veterans' affairs.

The average NRA director sits on about three committees. Carol sits on six, taking on twice the average load. She was chosen to chair Bylaws and Resolutions, and to vice chair to three more. In addition she chairs the steering committee for NRA's annual Firearms Law Seminar. When NRA created a Special Committee on Concealed Carry to review and draft "shall issue" CCW laws, she was appointed to serve on it.

Bylaws and Resolutions: Carol was chosen to be the chair of this important committee. This committee drafts all resolutions presented to the Board of Directors, and reviews all proposed changes to the NRA bylaws, forwarding its recommendations to the Board.

NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund: Carol was chosen to be the vice chair of this group, which is vital to protecting our rights. This body awards grants to advance the Second Amendment through court cases, books and legal articles, and education. The grants it awarded were, for example, the major source of funding for friend of the court briefs in District of Columbia v. Heller and in the Chicago gun case. It has also provided grants to defend gun dealers against Bloomberg's "sting" lawsuits, and to enable gun owners to defend against unjust charges. It has supported books and articles by Stephen Halbrook, David Hardy, David Kopel, and others.

Jeanne Bray Memorial Scholarship Committee: Carol is vice chair. This committee awards scholarships in memory of deceased director Jeanne Bray.

Legal Affairs Committee. This committee handles all legal matters in which NRA, or the right to keep and bear arms, is involved. The Board relies upon this committee to report on every important lawsuit or potential lawsuit involving the Association or the right to arms. As you would expect, it bears a heavy workload.

Committee on Hearings as its name suggests, carries out the hearings required by the Bylaws.

Women's Policies Committee. Carol is vice chair. This committee is responsible for increasing women's interest in the NRA and in shooting. As a shooter and hunter, Carol is well-suited to help carry out its duties.

National Firearms Law Seminar. Carol chairs the steering committee which plans for this annual training session for pro-gun attorneys. This a major event: attendance usually tops 300 lawyers and judges. For more information, see the tab above.

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