GAIM and Common Sense Gun Laws

Gun owners Against Illegal Mayors is a national organization (that is, it is an organization located within a nation) dedicated to securing the prosecution of a criminal band of municipal officials whose members  have robbed and terrorized communities across America. This illicit band simultaneously campaigns against firearms owners and concealed carry permit holders, whose arrest rates are a fraction of those of non-permit holders -- a stunning contrast with the rap sheets of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

GAIM also supports common sense gun control. For example, surveys have found millions of gun uses in self defense annually. It is common sense that good people with guns do good things, and bad people with guns do bad things. Therefore common sense gun control means ensuring that bad people don't get guns, and good people do. Toward that end we support creation of Gun Stamps, so that underprivileged law-abiding families can obtain quality firearms. This would also give a much-needed stimulus to the firearms, optics, steel, and walnut industries.

Surveys of thousands of prison inmates in 1991 and 1997 found that only 0.6 % to 0.7% of those who had carried guns got them at gun shows. It is only common sense, therefore, to encourage gun sales at gun shows. If criminals avoid such places, we should encourage firearm sales in them.

Gun buy-back programs serve a valuable purpose of giving gun owners money for broken and irreparable firearms, which funds can then be used to buy nicer guns. We believe these programs can be simplified by simply sending money to every gun owner, thus saving the expense of collecting the guns.

We believe that drive-by shootings might be reduced were car ownership as tightly controlled as firearms ownership. Car dealerships should be federally licensed. Car ownership should be forbidden to any who are convicted of felonies, misdemeanor domestic violence offenses, have been given dishonorable discharges, or have renounced citizenship. Buyers should be required to fill out detailed forms certifying that they are not restricted, and sellers should be required to run background checks.

Finally, we support revival of the Militia Act of 1792, and of a requirement that all adults possess at least one firearm, Conscientious objectors would be excused upon payment of an equivalent -- that is, they need not keep a gun if they buy a nice one for someone else.

Stop the Illegal Mayors! Stop them for our children, and for ourselves!